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Keanu daily

Your daily dose of Keanu Reeves

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Do you like Keanu Reeves? Do you like pictures of him (mostly) everyday? This is the place for you.
Welcome to Keanu Daily!

This is a pictures-only LJ community, modelled after the brilliant and equally as pretty, ewan_daily. If you want to discuss Keanu's music, his movies, his life in general, please visit keanufans.

*puts on moderator hat*

- Do not direct link photos from other websites or from keanu_daily. If you want to share a photo, please upload it to your own webspace. Here is a listing of some great free hosting sites. There is no excuse for hotlinking photos. You will be banned.

- The lj cut tag is your friend. Have more than one photo? Have a nude photo you want to share? How about one with questionable content (ie. spoilers, blood, etc.)? It goes behind a lj cut with sufficient warning. Be considerate of those with slower connections or those browsing from school/work.

- Please post photos with a width less than 500 pixels. You can resize it if it is too big. This helps with loading times, and it helps keep LJ layouts from going wonky.

- Video! Trailers, interviews, movie clips are now welcome. They go behind a LJ cut with sufficient warnings for content. And there has to be a picture. Always a picture.

- Icon/wallpaper/banner posts must be accompanied by a photo. Any posts without a photo will be deleted. A great place to post your icons is at keanu_icons. Links to photos won't cut it either. There must be a photo included in every entry.

- No colourbars.

- We have various themes here at keanu_daily. Check them out here. If you're going to post, you don't have to stick to the theme of the day/week. Just a little something I thought might be fun.

- This is NOT a gossip forum. Whatever Keanu does with his own life is his business. This is not the place for it.

- Respect other members. If that's too difficult, you will have posting privilages removed.

- Spam. Nobody likes it. Don't do it.

- Have fun!

Link to keanu_daily with these snazzy little buttons.

The modly crew:

mirareeves, tattooedraven, and sunhawk

All photos posted here are owned by each photographer. No copyright infringement intended. If there is an image that you think needs to be removed, please contact me at the e-mail address listed above. Thanks.

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