As of September 2, 2009, Keanu is officially 45 years old. :D
I'm gonna celebrate this special day of his by posting some of my favorite Keanu pictures through the years.

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...go ahead and share some of your favorite pictures of him and maybe some birthday wishes too ;)

comm hog's here

lol, I feel like such a community hog. It's just that in all my fandoms I feel most loyal to you guys. Cos' no one gets the keanu!addiction like you guys do. I understand rl comes into play and then fandom is on backburner as it should be. But it feels like no one is into him like I am (granted my obsession is new but still). Kind of sad.

Anyways, came to post icons.

113 icons :: True Blood : 31 | Keanu Reeves Movies : 34 | Sandra Bullock : 08 | Quotes *Text Only* : 34 | Movie "Up" : 3 | Zach Braff : 3

keanu neck pr0n for life @ renegadedesigns

And, as always:

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