a distorted reality is now a necessity to be free (occamsrazor2009) wrote in keanu_daily,
a distorted reality is now a necessity to be free

next on my agenda...nekkid manips

A couple of days back I was working on an image manipulation and came seeking help here. With taigrin's (and my bb belelmo27cien's) help I was able to find the desired Keanu side poses. I thought I'd share the final results with anyone whom cares.

If you want a working psd (without watermark) all you gotta do is ask. After the two hours I've spent color correcting; cropping every pixel; cleaning the image; and re-structuring Sandra's flowing tresses, from. scratch. I want credit.


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She. Is. My. FAVOURITE actress. The fact that she and Ke do work together just makes it so much more betterer!

Thanks for the eye candy!

If the offer is still good, I would sure like to have a copy of it without the watermark. However, I do realize the work that went into it, so I understand if you would rather keep it for yourself. Thanks for sharing.
I'll upload it and send you a private message. :)
Thank you for being so kind, but I never did find the manip in my private messages. Of course, I was only receiving about 2,000 a day back then. I will keep checking to see if it's there. That manip, is still one of the most beautiful works of art, that I have seen in a long time. Definitely much better than I'm capable of doing myself.