helicca (babybonbons) wrote in keanu_daily,

Keanu wearing a beanie? (request)

I'm trying to find some pictures of Keanu wearing his red/maroon? beanie. I'm sure there were some good ones I've seen before in random galleries but sadly I couldn't find them again! I've used the google image search though to my dismay it wasn't helpful at all.
The only one I found on google is this...

...and it's not even the red one I'm trying to find :(

I'm not really requesting for any specific photograph, I just simply want a picture of him wearing a red beanie, so please post as many as you like. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

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this is sooooooooooooooooooooo Keanu.
Does anyone know if the rumor is true that he will resurrect Jack
for another SPEED film? I never saw the second as I felt Keanu
was Jack and I could not imagine anyone else in that role......

umm I've heard that he was asked about it. (not sure)
But IMO, I doubt that a Speed 3 would ever ensue.
I would love to see him do an updated Jack........
I thought Street Kings was great. I know many didn't but it was
an interesting study.
I also would have loved to have seen him do an updated Utah also as he
never did round up Bohdi
I'll be happy to hunt through and try to find red beanie photos. I've only seen ones that were black so far, some with the Matrix written on the front, but I'll look. Looking for Keanu's ALWAYS fun.

I've heard rumors of Speed 3 but I doubt it'd happen, the only one I know of for sure he'd think of doing again was Constantine 2, which'd be great. Of all the rumoured films he's up for, I hope one sticks, 'cause it'd be awesome to have another new Keanu movie after Pippa Lee opens.

An older Utah would be good, but I don't know if they would use another Bodhi, because the original drowned. And no one I could think of should replace Swayze as that character.

He was AWESOME in Street Kings!
Thank you for the helping hand! As much as I can remember I've seen a photograph of him rocking his guitar wearing one of the red beanies. I'm also on the lookout for those.

And, yes! I'm very optimistic about Constantine 2. That one has got to happen!
I agree. :) It would be JUST awesome, you know? It really really would. As soon as I find any beanie photos I'll post them. Promise.