a distorted reality is now a necessity to be free (occamsrazor2009) wrote in keanu_daily,
a distorted reality is now a necessity to be free

Don't be dead on me now...

I just jumped on the keanu-love-wagon.

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Welcome! ♥
TY. ♥
Oh lordy! the toes and arm!p0rn....! :DDD
zOMG is that our boy in your icon? I just watched "Street Kings" and am in dire need of some Keanu/Chris slash. yummy
Yes it is! tasty isn't it? :D

I loved Street Kings! I also loved The Replacements, another film you might be interested in. :D

Watched the Replacements last week. I've been on a "Keanu" roll past couple of weeks. Even watched "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures" it is most EXCELLENT. *air guitar*

Btw, your lj name seems familiar are you into graphics?

I am looking for people to squee about Keanu with, mind if I friend you?
I haven't watched B/T Adventures since I believe it first came out. He was so young!

Yes I have an icon LJ, raven_ink and am always hape to make new friends. :D
Welcome! :) Keanu's amazing isn't he? A Walk in the Clouds is another that I'm really fond of. He's super sweet throughout, and gorgeous in the uniform.

I loved Street Kings too..especially the part where he speaks in Spanish.
He is. Amazingly hawt. I've seen AWITC. My favourite romance of his at the moment is "The Lake House," because I absolutely adoooooore him and Sandra Bullock together.

I loved him in Street Kings. He got some good reviews for it too. Although some crits are just aholes and wont give him the credit he deserved in SK. Oh well, whatever. We love him and thats all that matters. :)
I loved the Lake House too! Keanu's amazing in all of the roles that he plays..absolutely amazing. SK was so..words can't describe. Exactly, we love him and that's all that matters.

He deserves a lot more credit than the critics give him.

I wish I could have been there when he played Hamlet. I bet it was INCREDIBLE. (sigh)

I love that scene in LH when she says "You're going to have to wait two years," and he says "I know! I don't care! I'LL WAIT!"

*sigh* I love that man.
He played in Hamlet? When was this?

I like that scene too. I love it when he is all belligerent. my favo scene of TLH is the trainstation scene. It effectively captures their relationship. He's trying to catch up with her, in time. And I guess there is a tragedy in all this that I am a huge sucker for.

I am probably the only person (don't beat me for saying this...) who wished Alex would die, as he was supposed to in the end because it would make sense that she'd get upset and start corresponding to him in the first place. Also, it would be a thing of angst-beauty that he understands that they can only ever "meet via letters" if he dies and he, I would imagine is okay with that. So that makes his sacrifice at the end all that more romantic. Thats how I feel anyways. Sorry for the heavy talk at this time of the night. heh
Back in '95 I believe it was, between AWITC and Feeling Minnesota, he went up to Canada and did a run as Hamlet in Winnipeg.

I love the scene where they're doing the walk through the city, you see him in his time, and her in her time.

"I have eight children, and none of them look like me." LOL

That would have been a interesting angle you're right, it took me a moment to realize that it was him who dies in the beginning, when I watched it. And it was a total weeper moment I thought. But that would have worked the way you said, like she'd be communicating with his spirit.

Can I add you to my flist? you can add me if you want.