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Another Reason to Love Keanu

I recently found this on WINM, and it makes me love Keanu even more, because my mother is a cancer patient. She's under treatment for colon cancer right now, but she's also a breast cancer survivor (having hit the five year mark).

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I love this man so much, he's such a sweetheart!
My best wishes to your Mum!
There's a...I want to say Rolling Stone?...article that talks about the money he gives to cancer research and whatnot. It's one of the reasons I always get angry at people for acting like he's worthless or something just because they think he's a bad actor.

Good luck to you mother! My aunt has colon cancer and the treatments have come a long way since it first appeared in her (~80s).
Exactly!!! If you think he's such a horrid actor, keep your trap shut, and let him keep making money from it so he can donate to things such as this.

Good luck to your mom!! My grandmom has kicked breast cancer in its ass twice!
Don't know if you mean this article:; it just has a small mention of that.
Just the very thought of him doing something so sweet makes me even more fond of him. The man's so incredible and so lovely in SO many ways.

Thanks for all the wishes everybody, I've got faith Mom's gonna beat this cancer too. I've got faith and hope that she will.

And Ani, I LOVE your Neo icon.
Aww, that's awesome. ♥