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The Talented Mr Reeves :)

*points up* I love how adorable how he looks here!

Man..I'd kiss him over and over and over and over and over again :)

God...THE FACE...

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Fantastic post!
These are wonderful! Thank you! Some of them I've never even seen before -- so awesome!
god, i love that vanity fair cover.... especially when it's HQ ;)


June 7 2009, 17:12:56 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  June 7 2009, 17:13:13 UTC

Here's the article that came with it:
*big smile* I love the article, and all the articles you have on WINM, Ani, your
site totally ROCKS!!!! :) I go there every chance I get. Can I add you as a friend?
You can add me if you want.

Thanks! And sure - just added you. :)
отличная подборка. спасибо!

Deleted comment

Quite welcome..:) I have many more to post. I can thank my friend Kim's site for a bunch of them.